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WaPo acknowledges animal research in report of new drug treatment for COVID – Speaking of Research

October 1, 2021

Here at Speaking of Research, we’ve continually called on the media to shamelessly recognize when medical developments have relied on animal research. The public has the need and the right to understand and appreciate the all process of biomedical advancement from idea to treatment.

We applaud The Washington Post, and in particular science journalist Carolyn Johnson, to do exactly that in today’s article report on Merck’s experimental new pill, molnupiravir, which has just been shown in human clinical trials to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by nearly half. Although the recognition of animal research is drawing to a close, we commend WaPo not only for recognizing the contribution of animals to the development of molnupiravir, but also for a direct link to one of the peer-reviewed scientific articles published in September which demonstrated its effectiveness in a model of hamster infection with COVID-19.

Credit: C., Johnson, The Washington Post

Keep up the great work, WaPo – and may others follow your lead!

~ Speaking of research