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Two Point Campus: Best Campus Upgrades and Research Projects

Run a university Two-point campus is very similar to being a student – you will always learn and improve to improve your campus. Everything you buy and upgrade will cost you silver or the more premium Kudosh, which you’ll need to make strategic choices on what to spend it on first. Although you have access to a good number of choices at the start of your higher education adventure, the very good things are locked behind research projects.

The delicate balance between managing students, staff, facilities, revenue, and everything else that comes with running a successful campus is already a lot to keep track of. Especially in the beginning, you won’t know what the most important things to upgrade and research are, which can waste your time and money. To avoid having to repeat your first year, copy our notes on the best campus upgrades and research projects to be the first to Campus Two Points.

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How search works and what to look for

Research is how you unlock the ability to purchase upgrades that will improve your campus in some way. Your basic toolset is okay to start with, but if you want your campus to get the highest rating possible, researching upgrades is the only way to make a difference.

Researching upgrades will, appropriately, require a research lab. To unlock this, however, you will first need to level up to Mitton University. Once you have access to it, build it immediately. Once built, you will need to assign a teacher to the lab the same way you assign them to classrooms. You will want to choose or hire a teacher with the highest possible research skills to accelerate any research project.

Once built and equipped, select the Research Center and start a new project. Here, the list of all the projects you can search for will be displayed, even those you cannot access yet. Choose the one you want, give it the green light and it will do the rest itself. Every project has a cost, but the real downside is how long some take to complete and the fact that you’re hiring a teacher there all the time who might otherwise be teaching a class.

When you want to upgrade something specific, the process is a bit different.

First, you need to select the actual object you want to upgrade and select the Equipment icon to upgrade it. By highlighting it, you will see the cost and time it will take, just like other research projects. These projects will require a janitor with some mechanical skills. The higher the mechanical level, the faster the upgrade.

If you want to speed up the upgrade and research process itself, there are several ways you can improve it. The most obvious will be to upgrade the Research Lab, although this will obviously prevent you from doing further research for a while. You can also train your staff to increase their research skills, as well as purchase items to increase research power in the lab.

Best upgrades to buy first

An aerial view of a foggy college.

Now that you’re ready for the lab, it’s time to start making the most of it. Here are the best items you want to upgrade first Two-point campus.


Yes, a desk. While you might be expecting something a little more flashy or exciting, you can’t deny the importance of improving the basics first. Think about it – the desk is a requirement for every course in the game, and for some reason that wooden stand has a direct impact on the quality of student learning. Just by improving this one thing, every student taking this course, or any course with an upgraded desk, will immediately get better grades.

Research Center

We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. While it seems like a small setback to dedicate your lab to upgrading itself rather than other things, it will more than make up for it in the long run once you see how much faster it runs after being upgraded. For a little inconvenience at first, you’ll be rewarded with a much more efficient leveling journey.

Training module

Just like the desk, improving your staff pays off big time. The only way to do this is to stick them in the training mod like Neo to increase their skills. Contrary to The matrix, however, the basic training module takes a long time to improve your staff. By leveling it up, you can level up your staff in no time and reap all the rewards, without having to go so long out of staff while stuck in the pod.

Omni Cure

It won’t be a necessary upgrade to later levels of Two-point campus, but your students will eventually hurt themselves doing just about anything. Obviously, being injured or sick is a huge disappointment and will lower your students’ happiness levels. Upgrading your medical facilities will help get those kids back in action and hitting the books before you know it.

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