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The lands of the Animal Research Institute are sold, free our lands

Chief asks government to stop sale of family land

Compensate us for the use of our land, Teshi Mantse

More than 1,000 acres of land in Frafraha, near the Adenta-Dodowa road, reports

Mantse of Teshi, Nii Adjitey Obour Bour II has raised concerns over the sale of Animal Research Institute land by some land rangers and squatters after the government acquired the land for research purposes.

According to him, the government must return the family land to its owners, the Nunmo Nmashie family, if it no longer serves its purpose rather than allowing squatters and land guards to grab the land.

The chief, speaking to GhanaWeb, said that even though the government did not negotiate with the real owners of the land before acquiring it, the family was not compensated by the government while the land is also sold by some land guards.

He, however, called on the government to intervene in the sale of the land by returning it to the owners and also ensuring that the family is compensated.

“…The government came to the area and said they wanted to use it for animal research. It is unclear who they dealt with, but later said they paid compensation to some people. I asked around but no one said they were taking compensation. But by the time we asked the question, the leader at the time was dead.

“We then realized that the government had people at the Land Commission with whom we shared borders. So the government took care of these people even though the land did not belong to them. We also found out later that the money given to them as compensation was actually not compensation but something small, which they gave to the people they dealt with.

“We have called many governments but we have not received any feedback, we know that this government is a listening government, so we want to tell them to hand over our land to us and that they should also pay compensation for the many years they have been using land. We want to clean up the squatters because they will spoil the land. We implore the government to help us,” he said in an interview with GhanaWeb.

The CSIR-Animal Research Institute is one of the 13 institutes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

The institute was established as a biological research institute in January 1957 as an agency of the Department of Tsetse Control of the Gold Coast Administration.

For some time now, there has been widespread encroachment on the institute’s grounds by land rangers.

A report says more than 1,000 acres of land in Frafraha off the Adenta-Dodowa road has been encroached.

Based on this, the landowners called on the government to intervene because they will lose their land.