Research projects

The Forum supports innovative research projects in speech and voice sciences

“Something that Rebecca, Sid and I emphasized was that we wanted it to be a supportive environment where people could talk about ongoing projects and then receive feedback or ideas for improving them,” says McKenna. “It didn’t have to be these completely polished projects. We wanted to create a working group where people can get feedback, talk to each other, and collaborate. »

Each presentation included time for questions from the 30-member audience, and a light reception afterwards allowed for further discussion and networking. The final speaker, Greg Dion, MD, a laryngologist who joined the College of Medicine in June, shared his research on targeted therapeutic delivery to treat laryngotracheal fibrosis using mucoadhesive patches. Dion says forums like VSTS are crucial for several reasons.

“Fora to present and discuss research are not only important for the advancement of medical technology and treatments, but also an opportunity to train young researchers and foster collaboration across a multitude of colleges and departments” , says Dion.

Supporting young researchers and students interested in research was a priority for the organizers of the event. In fact, three UC students who study speech therapy and work in McKenna’s lab helped plan, promote and oversee the event.

“VSTS brings together diverse research groups that provide valuable connections and open up opportunities for students to engage in research that will impact their field,” says Haley Doerr, who served on the student planning committee and will be a second-year graduate student. -the pathology of language this fall.