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Do you have an idea that you think would make Coast Guard operations easier? Or maybe there is a new or ongoing challenge that makes completing your mission more difficult?

If so, the Coast Guard wants to hear from you.

It’s true. The service is currently soliciting ideas for research projects that could shape its future. This effort is consistent with the objectives that Adm. Linda Fagan stated her commander’s intent: to strengthen our competitive advantage and use new technologies to create a more agile workforce.

So consider responding to the Admiral’s call to action by submitting your idea or challenge as a possible research and development project. The Office of Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, and Innovation (RDT&E) is accepting ideas for its fiscal year 2024 research portfolio until August 22.

How to participate

You can submit ideas/challenges/gaps/potential solutions to the “Fiscal Year 24 Research and Development Project Ideas” challenge via [email protected] at this link. If this is your first visit to the crowdsourcing site, you will need to follow the instructions to register. The deadline for submitting ideas is August 22.

Anyone within the Coast Guard – military, civilian, reserve, auxiliary and contract personnel – can submit ideas.

What are they looking for?

Priority will be given to innovative ways to utilize Coast Guard resources and people to maximum effect, particularly during crisis response, as directed by the Commander.

To help guide idea submissions, the Deputy Commander Operations and Deputy Commander Mission Support have identified the following research priorities for fiscal years 2024-2025. All ideas, however, will be reviewed and considered on their merit.

  • Develop advanced computing capabilities to maximize readiness (data analysis).
  • Continue to develop mobile solutions to deliver mission excellence anytime, anywhere.
  • Using autonomous systems to meet the country’s complex maritime challenges.
  • Strengthen the resilience, safety, security, and sustainability of Coast Guard systems and personnel to deliver mission excellence anytime, anywhere.
  • Develop the man-machine team to maximize readiness.
  • Enhance C5I capabilities to maximize readiness today and tomorrow.
  • Develop service solutions to the impacts of climate change.

The RDT&E program champions ideas that future-proof the workforce and optimize for today while innovating and continuously adapting for tomorrow. Fagan said, “Tomorrow is different. U.S. too. Your idea could help make it a reality.

Questions? Contact [email protected] If you are unable to access the idea submission form, please submit your idea to [email protected] and include the title, a brief summary, and your contact information.