Research projects

Sydney researchers receive ARC funding for 78 research projects

Investigators Project Funding granted Professor Greg Neely; Professor Nicholas Casewell; associate professor Eivind Undheim; Dr Daniel Hesselson Use venoms to map conserved critical and scalable vulnerabilities $ 528,000 Associate Professor Ivan Kassal Transport of charge and energy in disordered functional materials $ 381,000 professor Renae Ryan; professor emeritus Trevor Hambley; Dr Amandeep Kaur Biologically inert probes to disentangle nutrient-driven cellular processing $ 552,811 Professor Simon Ho; Professor Nathan Lo; Doctor Hervé Sauquet Testing the links between genomic and morphological evolution rates $ 461,510 Dr Lauren Monds; Dr Mélanie Takarangi; Dr Jason Chin; Dr Mark Montebello; Dr Monica Semrad; Dr Heather Flowe Investigate the reliability of memory in witnesses to an intoxicated crime $ 525,427 Professor Steven Armfield; Professor Chengwang Lei; Dr Nicholas Williamson Large-scale natural convection boundary layers with non-Boussinesq effects $ 393,529 Professor Kirrie Ballard; Dr Michael Proctor; associate professor Craig Jin; Dr Amélie Gully Developmental Trajectory of Language Control for Speech with Real-Time MRI $ 417,516 Professor Dr Jun Huang; Dr Weibin Liang; Professor Xiaoming Chen Adaptation of catalysts with a metal-organic structure for the conversion of carbon dioxide $ 480,000 associate professor Ben Thornber; associate professor Matthew Cleary; Professor Vincent Wheatley; Dr Alexander Klimenko; Dr Adrian Pudsey; Professor Dr Graham Candler Advanced Combustion Modeling for Scramjets and Rotary Detonation Engines $ 500,000 Professor Michael Wheatland; Professor Andrew Melatos A stress relaxation model for star flares $ 360,000 Dr Lijun Chang; Professor Jeffrey Yu Directionality sensitive cohesive subgraph search on directed graphs $ 476,344 Professor Balwant Singh; associate professor Feike Dijkstra; Professor Georg Guggenberger Unlocking the anchors of soil organic carbon to manage climate change $ 480,000 Professor Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn; Professor Kenneth Freeman Galactic seismology: a new window on the evolution of the Milky Way $ 420,000 Professor Peter Rutledge; Dr Nicolas Coleman Resurrect old proteins to unlock new catalytic activity $ 530,000 Professor Martin Tomitsch; Dr Stewart Worrall; Dr Callum Parker; Professor Judy Kay; Professor Eduardo Nebot; Professor Dr Simon Marvin Interactions in shared space between people and autonomous vehicles $ 468,525 Professor Peter Tuthill; Dr Barnaby Norris; Professor Michael Withford; Doctor Olivier Guyon Life among the Giants: Jovian exoplanets and the habitable zone $ 420,000 Dr Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam; Professor Sarah Johnson; Dr Saeed Reza Khosravirad; Professor Mischa Dohler Channel coding for Beyond 5G $ 480,000 Professor Stephen Bartlett; Associate Professor Robert Raussendorf Simulation and verification of quantum circuits $ 435,092 Professor David Airey; Professor Mark Jaksa Lightly loaded energy farm foundations in parched, parched soil $ 250,000 Professor Kim Rasmussen; Professor Benjamin Schafer Analysis and design of cold formed steel structures of medium height $ 390,000 Professor Hala Zreiqat; Dr Gurvinder Singh; Dr ZuFu Lu An anti-senescence nanoplatform and its underlying mechanism $ 505,000 Dr Tongliang Liu; Professor Dong Xu; Associate Professor Kun Zhang Transfer Learning Manipulation Bilateral Causal Change $ 405,000 associate professor Florica Cirstea; Professor Yihong Du Singular solutions for nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations $ 427,000 Professor Neal Peres Da Costa; associate professor Helen Mitchell; Dr Paul McMahon; Professor Robert Toft; Professor Clive Brown The shock of the old: Rediscovering the sounds of bel canto 1700-1900 $ 554,000 Associate Professor Cameron Logan; Professor Philip Goad; Dr AnnMarie Brennan; Ms. Catherine Lassen; Professor Andrew Leach; Professor Dr Paolo Tombesi; assistant professor Denise Costanzo; Mr. William Whitaker Locating Giurgola: From Philadelphia School to Global Practice $ 236,500 Dr Shelley Wickham; Dr Anna Waterhouse; professor Marcela Bilek; Dr Mark Baldry; Dr Clara Tran Synthetic leukocytes: bio-inspired DNA nanorobots powered by flow $ 578,178 Dr Jane Andrew; Dr Max Baker Data breaches: a study of organizational disclosures $ 279,214 Dr Jonathan Spreer; Professor Francisco Santos Triangulations: linking geometry and topology to combinatorics $ 429,000 Dr Mary Christie; associate professor Marcus Heisler; Dr Fabio Zanini; Dr Cherie Gambley Elucidate the molecular basis of potyvirus resistance in plants $ 544,230 Dr Giselle Yeo; Professor Anthony Weiss; Professor Clair Baldock; Professor Dr Janette Burgess Adjusting the lifespan, performance and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells $ 570,000 Professor David Levinson; Professor Michael Bell; Dr Mohsen Ramezani; Professor Dr Kay Axhausen; Professor Dr Hai Yang Design of micro-decisions in automated transport $ 492,500 associate professor Leo Tzou; Dr Justin Tzou Microlocal Analysis – A Unified Approach to Geometric Models in Biology $ 405,000 Professor Lin Ye; Associate Professor Yixia (Sarah) Zhang; Professor Richard (Chunhui) Yang; Professor Deborah Kane Cleaning stubborn paints on advanced composites using laser technologies $ 660,000 associate professor Serigne Lo; associate professor Jun Ma; Dr Benoit Liquet; Professor Stéphane Héritier High predictive performance models using semi-parametric survival regression $ 405,000 Professor Patrick Cullen; Dr Fengwang Li; Dr Renwu Zhou Plasma catalytic bubbles for sustainable ammonia $ 462,539 Professor Donald McNeill; Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones; Dr Dallas Rogers University and city $ 335,104 associate professor Archil Kobakhidze; Professor Mikhail Chapochnikov Scale invariance: a new paradigm for particle physics and cosmology $ 360,000 Professor Athman Bouguettaya; Dr Hai Dong; Professor Elisa Bertino Adaptive and ubiquitous trust framework for Internet of Things interactions $ 480,000 Professor Martin Wechselberger An independent coordinate theory for dynamical systems at several timescales $ 432,000 professor Joel Mackay; Professor Sandra Merlu How does an essential histone variant alter gene expression? $ 435,000 associate professor Charles Warren; Professor Iain Young; Professor Richard Trethowan; Dr Sheikh Mohammad Fazle Rabbi The critical role of rhizogain biophysics in plant water availability $ 494,307 Professor Justin Harris; Associate Professor Evan Livesey Extinction and inhibition of response $ 445,378 Professor Mikhail Prokopenko; Professor Vitali Sintchenko; Professor Tania Sorrell; Dr Timothy Germann High-resolution multi-scale modeling of pandemics: COVID-19 and beyond $ 412,000 associate professor Thom van Dooren; Dr Emily O’Gorman; Professor Stephen Muecke; Professor Grace Karskens; Professor Matthew Kearnes; Dr Natalie Osborne; Dr Peter Minter Narrative Ecologies of the Warragamba Dam $ 427,000 Professor Dr Thomas Maschmeyer; Dr Shenlong Zhao; Dr Alexandre Yuen Electrocatalytic generation of ammonia from air and water $ 492,000 Professor Mary Myerscough Space, time and boundary conditions: Mathematics for evolutionary plates $ 421,000 Professor Benjamin Eggleton; Dr Moritz Merklein; Professor Luc Thévenaz Capture Fast Waves: High Speed ​​RF Detection Using Brillouin Scattering $ 480,000 Professor Frank Seebacher; Dr Alexandre Petit Epigenetic effects of environmental thyroid disruption $ 443,043 Professor Itai Einav; Dr François Guillard; Professor Kenichi Soga Physics-based hydrodynamic model for clay at all scales $ 489,000 Professor Michele Ford; Dr Wayne Palmer; Dr Dedi Adhuri Industrial relations in the commercial fishing industry in Indonesia $ 255,000 associate professor Ana Vila Concejo; Dr Tristan Salles; associate professor Giovanni Coco; Professor Maria Byrne; Associate Professor Fernando Mendez The Great Barrier Reef in 2100 $ 524,000 Professor Richard Payne; Dr Anne Conibear Expanding access to modified proteins via a new semi-synthetic platform $ 495,000 Professor Warwick Anderson; Professor Jakelin Troy; Professor Anthony Capon; Professor Sverker Sörlin Stories of Planetary Health: Developing Concepts $ 666,897 Professor Georg Gottwald An approach to the theory of dynamical systems for machine learning $ 356,000 Professor Hak-Kim Chan; Dr Agisilaos Kourmatzis; Associate Professor Shaokoon Cheng Unravel the mechanics of particle deposition at the microscopic scale $ 495,000 associate professor Patrice Rey; Dr Vasileios Chatzaras; professor Suzanne O’Reilly; Dr Olivier Alard; Dr Huaiyu Yuan; Dr Katherine Selway; Dr Sylvie Demouchy; Mr. Marcus Haynes Mapping of deep Australian mineral systems $ 490,000 Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill; Professor Rae Cooper; Professor Ariane Vromen; Dr Meraiah Foley; associate professor Reiko Ogawa; Professor Mark Stuart; Professor Jennifer Tomlinson Understanding gender inequalities in the future of post-pandemic work $ 281,227 Professor Thinethavone Sudphommasane; Dr David Smith; Dr Jane Park; Doctor Gilbert Caluya The ideologies and practices of anti-racism in Australia $ 357,000 Professor Steven Armfield; Professor Simon Mitrovic; associate professor Michael Kirkpatrick; Dr Nicholas Williamson Dynamics of suppressed mixing regimes in Australian rivers $ 469,000 Dr Markus Muellner; Professor Travis Klein; Professor Dr André Groeschel Biomimetic hydrogels $ 449,000 associate professor Paul Roche; Dr Anne Rogerson; Professor Richard Miles; Dr Michael Hanaghan The Vandal Renaissance: Latin Literature in Post-Roman Africa (435-534CE) $ 302,000 Professor Muireann Irish; Associate Professor Irina Harris; Professor Andrew Yonelinas Trace age-related changes in the quality of episodic memory $ 508,250 Professor Terry Flew; Professor Sora Park; Associate Professor Timothy Dwyer; Professor Derek Wilding; Dr Caroline Fisher; Dr Aljosha Karim Schapals; Professor Philip Napoli; Professor Robert Picard Valuing news: aligning individual, institutional and societal perspectives $ 423,769 Professor Rachel Codd; professor Renae Ryan; Dr Anna Kaksonen Enzymatic machining of chelators to bind and recover precious metals $ 440,000 associate professor Myfany Turpin; Dr Georgia Curran; associate professor Linda Ford; Professor Linda Barwick; Mr. Glenn Wightman; Ms. Rona Glynn-McDonald The role of song in the biocultural knowledge of Kaytetye and Warlpiri $ 442,000 Dr Sinan Li; Professor Jian Zhu; Professor Shu Yuen Ron Hui Need for Speed: towards an automation of the design of controllers for power electronics $ 495,000 Professor Abbas El-Zein; Professor Abdelmalek Bouazza; Dr Elizabeth Carter; associate professor Will Gates; Professor R. Kerry Rowe Microplastics in landfills and surrounding environments $ 554,500