Research projects

SMIU professors receive HEC research projects worth more than 14 million rupees

Assistant Professor and Chairman of Department of Environmental Sciences at Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Dr. Imran Ali Chhajro has been awarded a project worth Rs 9.723 million from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under its program – National Research Program for Universities (NRPU).

The approved research project focused on the advancement and use of 3D printing to develop water purification filters for commercial use (3D-Purify Water).

Likewise, faculty members of SMIU English Department, Dr. Riaz Ahmed Mangrio, Associate Professor and Mr. Wafa Mansoor Buriro, Senior Lecturer, had received a project worth Rs 4.8 million of HEC as part of its same national research program.

This project was based on the creation of 2000 new Sindhi words, currently missing in the language, by various linguistic and lexicographical means; and possibly publish them in the form of a glossary and make it available in all major libraries in the province of Sindh. The same will be made available in the form of a website.

SMIU Vice Chancellor Dr. Mujeebuddin Sahrai Memon congratulated the faculty members; Dr Imran Ali Chhajro, Dr Riaz Mangrio and Mr Wafa Mansoor Buriro on receiving research projects from HEC. “Research work is essential for a university and the faculty of SMIU is doing well in the field of research,” said the vice-chancellor and hoped that other faculty members would also succeed in obtaining such projects. of research.