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Seaport Research Projects for which Franklin Electric Co., Inc. will report earnings of $0.63 per share in the first quarter of 2023 (NASDAQ:FELE)

Franklin Electric Co., Inc.’s stock symbol is “FELE”, and it is used to identify the company’s stock when traded on the NASDAQ stock market. Equity research analysts Seaport Res Ptn lowered their projections for earnings per share that Franklin Electric would generate in the first quarter of 2023 in a report released Tuesday, October 25. The report focused on Franklin Electric’s projected earnings. The results of the research that has been conducted and presented are discussed in the report. Current projections that have been made by W. Liptak, an analyst working for Seaport Research PTN, indicate that the earnings per share that the industrial products company will report for the quarter will be $0.63. This is the case whether the projections are accurate or not. This is consistent with the fact that projections of the current state of the economy have been made. The previous projection, which was $0.65 per share, has been reduced due to this new information. The company’s most recent financial analyst consensus estimate puts Franklin Electric’s full-year earnings at $4.13 per share. These are the revenues the business is expected to generate in the coming year.

Franklin Electric (NASDAQ: FELE), the company, provided the latest update to the company’s earnings report on July 26, a Tuesday. Earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter reported by the company that makes industrial products came in at $1.26, $0.23 higher than the consensus estimate of $1.03 among analysts. sector. Franklin Electric was able to maintain a net margin of 9.29% while achieving a return on equity of 17.82% due to the success of its business. The company reported that its revenue for the quarter was $551.10 million, a significant increase from analysts’ estimate of $528.67 million. Compared to the results for the same period in the prior year’s financial report, earnings per share for the last quarter for the company reached $0.83, which represents an increase of $0.02 compared to the results of the same period in the financial report. of the previous year. Additionally, the amount of cash Franklin Electric brought in last quarter was 26.0% higher than the amount it was in the same period a year earlier during the same period.
The first day trading was cleared to begin was Thursday, and the opening price of a Franklin Electric Company stock was $82.13. During the previous fifty trading days, the average price of a share of the company was $86.12, while during the previous two hundred trading days, the price of a share of the company has averaged $80.24 on a moving average basis. Over the past year and a half, the price of a Franklin Electric share has varied from a low of $68.27 to a high of $96.95, with an average price of $84.27. The company has a debt ratio of 0.09, a current ratio of 1.69 and a quick ratio of 0.64. These are the company’s financial ratios. The company’s financial ratios are broken down as shown here. The company’s financial ratios are broken down into these categories as shown here. The table on the right shows that the company’s financial ratios are segmented into the categories listed above. The company’s market capitalization currently sits at $3.80 billion, with a price-to-earnings ratio of 20.64 and a beta value of 1.03. These two measures show that the company is making a lot of money.
In recent times, the opinions of several other equity research analysts have also been provided on FELE. The following analysts are included: In a research note released July 27, Robert W. Baird raised Franklin Electric’s stock price target from $75.00 to $86.00 and assigned the company a “neutral” rating. in a research note. The note has been made public. The note was shared on the Robert W. Baird website after it was posted. The topic of business was addressed in the research note. In a report on Wednesday, Oct. 19, currency website changed its rating of Franklin Electric from “hold” to “buy,” indicating a more bullish outlook on the company. This rating change was accompanied by a change in the name of the rating from “hold” to “buy”. This suggests that the website is currently recommending to buy the stock at the current time. The “buy” rating that Northcoast Research had previously recommended for Franklin Electric was changed to a “neutral” rating in a research note released Aug. 15 by Northcoast Research. This change was made public by Northcoast Research. DA Davidson raised his price target on Franklin Electric shares to $80.00 and gave the stock an “outperform” rating in a research note released Wednesday, July 27. Two research analysts gave the stock a “hold” rating, while four gave the stock a “buy” rating. According to data from, the stock currently has a consensus rating of “moderate buy”. Its target price is a consensus value of $85.75.

The company has just announced a quarterly dividend, and the dividend is expected to be distributed on November 17 this month. Moreover, the company just made this announcement to the public in the very recent past. The following day, November 4, registered shareholders will be eligible to receive a dividend payment of $0.195 per share. This payment will be made available to them. They are entitled to this payment because they are registered shareholders, and it will be made available to them. When the numbers are calculated, that translates to a dividend payout of $0.78 on an annualized basis, and when the yield is calculated, it comes out at 0.95%. On Wednesday, November 2, the accounts will be debited for the payment of the dividend withdrawn that day. This date is carved in stone. Franklin Electric gives 19.60% of its profits, a percentage of the company’s total profits, to its shareholders as dividends.

On Thursday August 18, Gregg C. Sengstack, the CEO of Franklin Electric, participated in a transaction in which he sold 5,000 shares of Franklin Electric. This transaction took place recently. This is yet another piece of news that has recently come to our attention in connection with the subject under discussion. The stock sale took place at an average price of $94.54 per share, resulting in a total profit for the company of $472,700.00 after expenses. As a direct result, the organization was able to raise a total of $472,700.00 in proceeds. Thanks to the successful transaction, the CEO now directly owns 131,997 shares of the company. The total value of these shares is $12,478,996.38, bringing the CEO’s new holdings to $12,478,996.38. A document submitted to the SEC referred to the sale; readers interested in viewing the document can do so by clicking on the hyperlink provided in the sentence following it. On Thursday, August 18, Franklin Electric CEO Gregg C. Sengstack completed a transaction in which he sold 5,000 shares of the company. This transaction was recently finalized. Separately, Franklin Electric CEO Gregg C. Sengstack recently sold those shares. This is only recent information on this subject.
After taking into account the weighted average price of the transaction, which was $94.54 per share, the total value of the transaction, which took place after the sale of the shares, amounted to the exact sum of 472,700 $.00 total. This figure was determined after examining the weighted average price of the transaction. Following the successful completion of the transaction, the CEO now directly owns 131,997 shares of the company. Since the aggregate value of these shares is $12,478,996.38, we can deduce that the CEO’s holdings have a total value of $12,478,996.38. By clicking on the link provided here, you will be able to read the document that has been included in the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which contains this information about the sale. Additionally, on Thursday, August 18, company insider Jonathan M. Grandon successfully sold 1,536 shares of the company. The closing of this transaction has now been reached. The objective of this transaction was achieved with great success. Ultimately, the total value of the transaction resulting from the sale of the shares was determined to be $145,397.76. Indeed, the price of each share was sold for an average of $94.66. After completing the transaction without a hitch, the company insider now has a direct ownership position in 16,517 shares. The total value of these shares, when added together, is estimated to be approximately $1,563,499.22. If you are looking for the disclosure associated with purchase, you can find it in this particular location. Insiders sold 18,000 shares of the company in the past three months, resulting in a sale price of $1,706,449 for the entire transaction. Persons directly related to the company hold 3.10% of the shares of the company, which gives them ownership of 3.10% of the total shares of the company.