Research projects

Rubber Board will work with Michelin Arm on various research projects

Rubber Training Institute, Rubber Board, Kottayam (Kerala)

Rubber board signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on research issues with SMPT (Société des Matières Matériaux Tropicales Pte Ltd), Singapore, a 100% subsidiary of the multinational tire company Michelin.

KN Raghavan, Executive Director of Rubber Board, signed the agreement in Kottayam on behalf of Rubber Board, and Trai-Ukos Segsarn, Managing Director of SMPT, signed the agreement in Singapore on behalf of the Michelin Group.

According to Raghavan, the Council’s achievements in the areas of genetic improvement of rubber clones, disease and pest management, latex harvesting technology, processing, product development and sharing of Knowledge with leading research companies like SMPT will undoubtedly help improve the sustainability and development of the entire rubber value chain, especially for the benefit of producers.

Segsarn said that collaboration with the Indian Rubber Board in the field of research is greatly appreciated and that a lot of knowledge can be shared, for the benefit of the natural rubber industry.

SMPT has expressed interest in collaborating with the Rubber Board on a variety of research projects, including clone development, disease management, rubber-based agroforestry systems, in-line fertilizer recommendation, tapping low-frequency processing and product development.

Entering into a MoU with a well-known global company such as Machelin can benefit Rubber Board in terms of revenue potential, increased international visibility for its capabilities / achievements and expansion of its business.

Functions of rubber panel:

  • Promote the development of the rubber industry by any means it deems appropriate

  • To conduct, assist or encourage scientific, technological or economic research

  • Students learn better methods of planting, growing, manuring and spraying.

  • Provide technical assistance to rubber producers

  • Marketing of rubber should be improved

  • Collecting statistics from landowners, merchants and manufacturers

  • Ensure better working conditions, as well as provide and improve equipment and incentives to employees