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Rice University deploys grants for 9 innovative research projects in Houston

The Ion announced this week that it will launch four new workforce development programs that aim to improve learners’ digital skills and prepare them for careers in technology.

Classes will begin in February and take a variety of formats, from bootcamps to traditional classes and virtual coaching sessions. All were created with the support of The Ion’s founding partner, Microsoft.

“The Ion collaborates with new and existing organizations to create visible pathways to careers in technology for underrepresented populations and job seekers,” said Jan E. Odegard, executive director of The Ion, in a statement. . “The Ion is excited to offer low-cost programming that caters to learners of all skill sets and financial backgrounds where they need to make a career or career in technology possible.”

The programs are in development with:

  • General assembly: The global education provider that has expanded its operations at Houston 2019 will offer courses, information sessions and training on essential technology skills, software engineering, user experience design or science and technology. data analysis. The programs will last up to five months and tuition assistance is available.
  • ampersand: The Houston-based training program for young professionals born out of the pandemic will offer digital courses and match students with internships.
  • High Performance Institute: The international think tank and training center will offer personal performance indicator assessments, habit-building classes and monthly virtual group coaching sessions.
  • The Kino-Eye Center for Visual Innovation: This Houston-based education center, which focuses on the confluence of culture and technology, will offer Microsoft Virtual Innovation Professionals (VIPs) to teach learners how to produce online events, and the series of workshops and Future Accelerated Skills Training (FAST) to provide job skills, technical training and certification pathways.

Innovation Map spoke to The Ion Senior Manager Joey Sanchez last month about the planned lineup for the Midtown Innovation Hub in 2022.

“I specifically focus on communities of entrepreneurs, startups, investors — and try to connect them,” he said on the Houston Innovators podcast. “That’s the biggest challenge in Houston and we want to reverse that with density. Density is really the key to solving connection issues.”