Research projects

Research projects – TTTech

TTTech’s commitment to carefully selected research projects denotes the foundation for sustainably delivering advanced technology to our customers in TTTech’s innovative product portfolio. Our research focuses on time-triggered, determinism, and real-time performance protocols for communicating and controlling safety-relevant data in mixed-criticality applications. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate and combine these measurements with existing communication methods used in automotive, aerospace, space, off-road, energy, railways and many industrial fields.

TTTech continues the time-triggered data communication approach invented by Professor Hermann Kopetz of the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. TTTech’s offerings utilize and further deploy this enormous potential to solve complex technical problems for mixed-criticality embedded system designs of current and future cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, we cooperate closely with our customers around the world in many industrial fields. Together, we are focused on the challenge of shaping innovation for the future.