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Protect Our Lands From Invaders – CSIR-Animal Research Institute in Government

General News of Tuesday, April 12, 2022




The authorities of the Animal Research Institute of the CSIR are seeking government intervention to put an end to the activities of encroachments on the lands belonging to the Institute.

At a press conference, authorities said every action, including the legal battle to reclaim their land, proved futile.

Speaking to the media, the Institute’s Senior Research Director, Dr. Sottie Edmund, lamented that workers are living in fear due to the activities of land rangers on land owned by the institute.

He said the workers are attacked all the time by some of these land guards hired by powerful people in the society who are determined to take the land from the institute.

He accused some politicians of their involvement in these activities of encroaching on the institute’s lands.

He said that since 2017, the Institute has managed to build a fence wall around its lands but the invaders have used illegitimate means to break down the wall and have returned to the lands.

“The land of around 200 acres has been stolen and the work of the Animal Research Institute, funded by foreign partners and the Government of Ghana, is under attack,” Dr Edmund said.

He pointed out that whenever they go to court and ask for an order to stop the invaders’ activities and demolish their structures, they are against the decisions of other courts to stop their action.

They therefore call on all well-meaning Ghanaians to take note of this development and refrain from encroaching on or acquiring land belonging to the Institute.