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Dr. Catherine Pringle
Distinguished Research Professor
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Current Students

Cody Hufstetler
Ecology and Biology
Galen Xiang
B.S. Ecology
Resource Economics Minor
Jessica Chappell
Ph.D. Integrative Conservation
Dissertation: Not Available
Maura Dudley
Ph.D. Ecology
Dissertation: Not Available
Madeline McDonald
B.S. Ecology
REU Student
Kelsey Solomon
Ph.D. Ecology
Dissertation: Not available
Jeremy Sullivan
Ph.D. Candidate, Ecology
Dissertation: Exurbanization and streams: An integrative approach to research and assessment in Southern Appalachian aquatic ecosystems.
Pedro J. Torres
Ph.D. Candidate, Ecology
Dissertation: Linking community structure to ecosystem processes: effects of native faunal extirpation and invasive species in neotropical island streams, Puerto Rico.

Lab Alumni

Olivia Barrett
Lab Manager
B.S.F.R. Wildlife and Fisheries
Elizabeth Anderson
Ph.D. Ecology, 2004
Dissertation: Ecological and social implications of hydropower development on a neotropical river system, Costa Rica
Current Position: Deputy Director of the Global Water for Sustainability Program, Florida International University
Marcelo Ardon
Ph.D. Ecology, 2006
Dissertation: Effects of leaf litter quality on decomposition dynamics in lowland neotropical streams.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University
Katherine Baer
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1996
Thesis: When it rains, it drains: Stormwater Management in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia
Current Position: Senior Director, Clean Water Program, American Rivers
Tom Barnum
Ph.D. Ecology, 2014
Dissertation: Effects of Amphibian Declines on Trophic Interactions in Algal-Insect Neotropical Stream Communities
Current Position: Post-doctoral researcher, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Jonathan Benstead
Ph.D. Ecology, 2000
Dissertation: Stream community and ecosystem responses to deforestation in eastern Madagascar.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Aquatic Biology Program, University of Alabama
Andrew Binderup
M.S. Ecology, 2011
Thesis: Isolating top-down effects of aquatic macro-consumers on benthic structure and function in Neotropical streams.
Current Position: Not available
Richard Carey
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 2005
Co-chaired by George Vellidis and C.M. Pringle
Thesis: The effect of nutrient enrichment on stream periphyton growth in the southern coastal plain of Georgia: Implications for low dissolved oxygen.
Current Position: Post-doctoral associate in the Complex Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire
Scott Connelly
Ph.D. Ecology, 2009
Dissertation: Response of tropical stream ecosystems to amphibian extinctions.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia
Kelly Crook
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 2005
Thesis: Quantifying the effects of water withdrawal on streams draining the Caribbean National Forest, Puerto Rico.
Current Position: AP Biology Teacher
Joe DeVivo
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1996
Thesis: Fish assemblages as indicators of water quality within the Apalachicola - Chattahoochee - Flint (ACF) River Basin.
Current Position: Program Coordinator, Southeast Coast Inventory & Monitoring Program, National Park Service
Susan Dye
M.S. Ecology, 2005
Thesis: Top-down and bottom-up forces in an Appalachian stream: Can consumers differentially mediate effects of nutrient loading on algae?
Current Position: Research Coordinator, Environmental Protection Agency
Peter Esselman
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 2001
Thesis: The Monkey River Baseline Study: Basic and applied research for monitoring assessment in southern Belize.
Current Position: Research Assistant Professorship, Department of Zoology, Michigan State University.
Amber Falkner
Lab Manager
B.S. Ecology
Water Resources Certificate
Project: Decomposition of terrestrial resource subsidies in headwater streams: does consumer diversity matter?
John Frisch
M.S. Ecology, 2013
Thesis: Model assessment of environmental factors associated with stream consumer patch occupancy across a land use gradient in the southern Appalachians, USA.
Current Position: Research Scientist, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Carissa Ganong
Ph.D. Ecology, 2015
Dissertation: Effects of precipitation regime on Neotropical streams: Biogeochemical drivers of stream physicochemistry and macroinvertebrate tolerance to pH shifts
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Missouri Western State University
Effie Greathouse
Ph.D. Ecology, 2005
Dissertation: Large dams and migratory biota affect tropical stream ecosystems at different scales in Puerto Rico.
Current Position: Research Associate, Oregon State University
Brian Gregory
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1997
Co-chaired by George Vellidis and C.M. Pringle
Thesis: Use of benthic macroinvertebrates to assess the effectiveness of riparian buffer zones on intermittent streams in the southeastern USA.
Current Position: Aquatic Ecologist, National Park Service, Southeast Coast Network
Casey Harris
M.S. Ecology, 2014
Co-advised by Georgie Vellidis and C.M. Pringle
Thesis: Salmonella contamination in vegetable farm irrigation ponds.
Current Position: Not available
Stephanie Hiers
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 2000
Thesis: Assessing impacts of animal agriculture on macroinvertebrates in intermittent coastal plain streams in the southeastern USA: Implications for biomonitoring.
Current Position: Environmental Scientist with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Rebeca de Jesus-Crespo
Ph.D. Integrative Conservation, 2015
Dissertation: Stream friendly coffee: Collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance™ to advance stream conservation in tropical agroforestry systems
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University
John Kominoski
Ph.D. Ecology, 2008
Dissertation: Linking resource and consumer diversity to ecosystem function in a detritus-based watershed.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Florida International University
Tina Laidlaw
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1996
Thesis: The implementation of a volunteer stream monitoring program in Costa Rica.
Current Position: Monitoring Specialist and Regional Biocriteria/Nutrient Criteria Coordinator, Environmental Protection Agency
James March
Ph.D. Ecology, 2000
Dissertation: The role of freshwater shrimps: patterns and processes along a tropical stream continuum, Puerto Rico.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Washington and Jefferson College
Andrew Mehring
Ph.D. Ecology, 2012
Dissertation: Floodplain forests as engineers of dissolved oxygen in costal plain blackwater streams: effects of allochthonous inputs and riparian forest composition on oxygen demand.
Current Position: Post-doctoral Scholar, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of San Diego, CA.
Joao Vitor Messeder
International Student
Undergraduate Researcher
Audrey Miller
Field Technician
B.S. Ecology
B.A. Film Studies
Kelly Murray
Undergraduate Researcher
B.S. Ecology, B.S.E.S. Entomology
Thesis: Biotic interactions alter top-down pressure on a leaf-shredding caddisfly, Phylloicus hansoni (Trichoptera: Calamoceratidae), in Trinidadian streams
Current Position: Graduate student, M.S. Entomology, University of Georgia
Doug Parsons
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 2000
Thesis: The development of the WATER-FOR-LIFE web page: An environmental outreach tool on water resource issues for Costa Rica and Latin America.
Current Position: North America Policy Director, Society for Conservation Biology
Scott Pohlman
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1998
Thesis: Towards implementation of community-led conservation in lowland rainforest: The Water-For-Life program in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, Costa Rica.
Current Position: Director of Conservation Incentives, North Carolina Heritage Program
Natalie Powell-Helmer
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 2001
Thesis: The role of crayfish in leaf decomposition across a leaf litter quality gradient.
Current Position: Working at EPIC, a medical software company
Pascal Rabeson
M.S. Ecology, 2000
Thesis: Composition and temporal emergence of aquatic insects in the Mariavaratra stream at the Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.
Current Position: Field Coordinator of the Insects and Spiders Survey, National Museum of Insects, Madagascar
Alonso Ramirez
Ph.D. Ecology, 2000 M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1997
Dissertation: Control of benthic assemblages in detritus-based tropical streams.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Institute for Tropical Studies at the University of Puerto Rico, and Scientific Director of El Verde Field Station.
Kate Schofield
Ph.D. Ecology, 2001
Dissertation: Top-down interactions in southern Appalachian streams: An examination of temporal and spatial variability.
Current Position: Stream ecologist at the EPA’s National Center for Environmental Assessment, Washington D.C.
Troy Simon
Ph.D. Ecology, 2015
Dissertation: Direct and indirect effects of the guppy, Poecilia reticulata, on the structure and function of stream ecosystems in the Northern Range Mountains of Trinidad
Current Position: Research Professional, Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources
Chip Small
Ph.D. Ecology, 2010
Dissertation: Resource-consumer stoichiometry along a natural phosphorus gradient in Neotropical stream food webs.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas, MN.
Katherine Smith
Ph.D. Ecology, 2008
Dissertation: Ecosystem-based management of water resources in the Caribbean National Forest, Puerto Rico: ecological, legal, and institutional analysis.
Current Position: National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/Marine Habitat Resource Specialist
Marcia Snyder
Ph.D. Ecology, 2012
Dissertation: Abundance, distribution, energy flow, and nutrient dynamics of freshwater shrimps in lowland Costa Rica.
Current Position: Ecologist, Western Ecology Division, Environmental Protection Agency, Corvallis, OR.
Lindsay Stallcup
M.S. Ecology, 2004
Thesis: Effects of water chemistry and leaf species on leaf breakdown in neotropical headwater streams.
Current Position: Director of Children's Eternal Rainforest, Monteverde, Costa Rica
David Stoker
Undergraduate Researcher
Lab Manager
B.S. Ecology
Thesis: Decomposition of terrestrial resource subsidies in headwater streams: does consumer diversity matter?
Current Position: Ph.D. Student, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
Jason Todd
Ph.D. Ecology, 2008
Co-chaired by George Vellidis and C.M. Pringle
Dissertation: Measurement of flowpath, residence time, and sediment oxygen demand in seasonally inundated floodplain swamps of the Georgia coastal plain.
Current Position: Post-doctoral Research Associate, Princeton University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Rodney Vargas
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1995
Thesis: History of municipal water resources in Puerto Viejo, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica: A socio-political perspective.
Current Position: Assistant Director for Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East for the Study Abroad Office at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Seth Wenger
M.S. Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development, 1999
Co-chaired by Laurie Fowler and C.M. Pringle
Thesis: Developing science-based riparian buffer protection policies.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Odum School of Ecology River Basin Center

Previous Post-Doctorate Fellows

Rebecca Bixby
Project: Costa Rica LTREB
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biology at the University of New Mexico
Toshihide Hamazaki
Project: Costa Rica LTREB
Current Position: Biometrician, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Commercial Fisheries, AK.
Mike Marshall
Project: FIBR, Trinidad
Current Position: Research Scientist, Center for Applied Isotope Studies, University of Georgia
Amy Rosemond
Project: Costa Rica LTREB
Current Position: Associate Professor, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia
Piet Verburg
Project: TADS, Panama
Current Position: Limnologist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NWA), New Zealand.