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Over $25 million in support released for strategic research projects at Dal – Dal News

To ensure that a series of innovative Dalhousie research projects have the resources they need to move forward, the governments of Nova Scotia and Canada have come together to lend their support. Over the past year, the federal government has committed more than $12.6 million in funding through the Canada Foundation for Innovation to support key projects. Now Research Nova Scotia stepped up to match the funds required by the federal government to trigger their investment.

With the doors to federal research funds now open, a wave of government support is being given to research focused on ocean science, clean technology, climate change, energy storage, cancer prevention, production of new materials and much more.

“It is gratifying to know that our government funders see the value and promise of investing in research that has the potential to make a profound difference in people’s lives locally, nationally and globally,” said Alice. Aiken, Vice President of Research at Dalhousie. and innovation. “For research to have impact, it takes a shared vision and a dedication to nurturing ideas into innovations. With the support of our partners, our researchers are ready to illuminate our world and change it for the better.

With support from Research Nova Scotia, the investments will fund important new research directions through the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Innovation Fund, and new equipment and technologies to support key research through the through the John R. Evans Leaders Fund of the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Funding from the Innovation/Research Nova Scotia Fund will support projects focused on:

  • Understand the rapid changes occurring in the Northwest Atlantic.
  • Struggling with cancer risk associated with exposure to arsenic and radon.
  • Create breakthroughs in solar energy conversion and storage.
  • Using artificial intelligence to study ocean wildlife and our impact on it.
  • Creation of advanced ceramic materials for use in bio-implants, ocean monitoring, smart buildings and solar energy.

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Funding from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund/Research Nova Scotia will support projects focused on:

  • Customization of polymers for use in pharmaceuticals, water treatment, oil recovery, etc.
  • Understand how the linguistic and social context impacts language acquisition.
  • Improving the efficiency, impact, safety and cost of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Improve our understanding of the development of heat waves and drought.
  • To build the world’s first instrument capable of providing real-time analysis of the gases generated during the charging and discharging of advanced battery cells.

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Research Nova Scotia will also provide more than $700,000 in funding needed to match federal funds to support Dalhousie researchers working on projects led by other universities, including research focused on improving the quality of education. drinking water produced by forests, led by the University of Waterloo, and research to better understand the process of human aging, led by McMaster University.