Animal research

Ghostbusters are too scared to return to a ‘horrendous’ former animal research lab in Gosport that made them sick

Tony Ferguson and his colleagues only lasted two hours in the locked building on Military Road.

They claim to have ‘heard voices’ and had rocks thrown at them by an ‘unseen force’ – discovering burnt ouija boards and other witchcraft items along the way.

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Tony Ferguson and other ghost hunters from Ghost2Ghost have explored a derelict animal research lab in Military Road, Gosport.

He said The news: ‘There was no expectation, but we were quite surprised at the activity we were getting.

“We could hear a deep male voice answering us and not in a pleasant way, shouting swear words at me when I coughed.

“I’m the only man there, so I won’t be coughing and yelling swear words at myself.”

Ghost hunters said they heard paranormal voices, which they believe they captured on video.

The 37-year-old said the former military base was turned into an animal research laboratory, before being closed in 1990.

He added that the creatures were placed in water tanks to test how they would cope with the pressure placed on their bodies.

Mr Ferguson said tests have also happened to humans, to see if they can handle being in underwater vessels such as submarines.

The ghost hunters spent two hours in the locked place in the late evening, and the women were reportedly pressured by voices.

Inside the abandoned building.

“The women we were with didn’t feel comfortable at all,” Mr Ferguson added.

“That male voice seemed to keep following us and it felt like we were always looking over our shoulder.

“Stones were also thrown at us by an unseen force.”

Mr Ferguson said he would not want to return to the old military building because of what he and his friends went through.

He added that finding the witchcraft items – left as a joke or by people doing a seance – made things scarier.

“We just couldn’t be in it anymore, everyone got affected at some point where they felt nauseous,” he said.

“There is definitely something awful going on there.

“I wouldn’t want to go back unless I had to.