Research projects

CRF to Receive $5.5 Million in Federal Funds for Community-Impact Strategic Research Projects

Additionally, the FIU secured a $10 million increase in the US Army Research Laboratory’s Coldspray additive manufacturing program. Coldspray technologies — 3D printing for metals — help repair, design, and sustain high-performance materials that will be used to make next-generation vehicles and munitions. The CRF also secured $5 million for the Department of Transportation to launch a bridge technology clearing house.

Tomás R. Guilarte, dean of Stempel College and principal investigator of FIU’s PET/Cyclotron Center, says federal funds will allow the university to reach new heights — and serve the community in an even greater way. . While the total start-up costs for the center will be approximately $10 million, the $2 million in federal funding is a critical first step, kick-starting this important initiative.

“This will advance the reputation and research enterprise of CRF and open up opportunities that are not possible at present,” he said. “We are extremely excited. If you’re studying Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease, it’s really very difficult to understand the biochemistry of the living brain and how it changes over time without this technology. This is a major milestone for our CRF, and with such a center, we will be able to help our community fight against these diseases and open up opportunities for research, teaching, collaboration and philanthropy.

“This money will greatly benefit the Aquarius Coral Reef Observatory at Florida International University. Coral reefs are an incredibly important part of the South Florida ecosystem and more needs to be done to not only preserve them for our future generations , but also learn more about their important functions for our ecosystem.
– Congressman Carlos A. Gimenez