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College of Science Students Win Beckman Fellowships for Collaborative Research Projects | VTX

Three Virginia Tech college of science students received scholarships from Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundationwhich honors students who study and do research in the fields of chemistry, biochemistryand Biological Sciences.

This year’s cohort, all sophomores, are Camille Bridgewater, double specializing in chemistry and physics; Sera Choi, a major in biological sciences; and Nikki Keith, double major in biological sciences and clinical neurosciences at Virginia Tech School of Neuroscience.

Amanda Morris, Director of Virginia Tech’s Beckman Fellowship Program, said of the scholarships: “Beckman Scholar scholarships offer undergraduate students the opportunity to explore undergraduate research in the deepest and most comprehensive sense. It provides research funds for supplies, travel funds for national conference attendance, and a stipend so that students have the financial freedom to add additional work.

Students receive a stipend of $18,200: $6,800 each for the first and second summers and $4,600 for the academic year. In addition, students receive $4,800 in supplies and travel funds. Faculty mentors each receive a $5,000 stipend.

Each student will collaborate across multiple disciplines, including Virginia Tech College of Engineeringit is Chemical Engineer, mechanical Engineeringand biomedical and mechanical engineering departments as well as Virginia-Maryland Veterinary College. “Through these collaborative interactions, we prepare our students for the interdisciplinary world that awaits them beyond the doors of Virginia Tech,” said Morris, professor and associate chair in the Department of Chemistry as well as faculty member Patricia Caldwell at the College. science.

In partnership with Virginia Tech Fralin Institute of Life Sciences, the Beckman Program is a 15-month supervised research experience for outstanding undergraduate students. Through unique programming in communications, leadership, grant-writing process, and diversity and inclusion awareness, it seeks to nurture the next generation of scientific leaders, according to the organization’s website. non-profit. The foundation was established in September 1977 by Dr. Arnold O. and Mrs. Mabel Beckman.