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This project proposes to address the interdisciplinary research question of the detection and characterization of communities in large graphs. Simultaneously, a second question will be studied, the social organization in specialty groups. The team will examine (i) the dynamic structure of communities in the global research enterprise and (ii) jazz communities influenced by critical events in music history.

The project team has previously developed novel clustering methods of evolutionary graphs to identify communities with core-periphery structure. These methods will be extended towards deeper contextual understanding in our two areas of application. The team will perform collaborative iterations between method development, discovery and evaluation. The team anticipates (i) new methods of detecting communities, (ii) new knowledge that informs research policy, scientific governance and jazz history, and (iii) reproducible results and reusable data. More generally, these methods should have wider applicability to large networks and the results will stimulate further research.

Each member of this team has unique skills, but has common interests in community structure, network growth, and method development. The team envisions an extended collaboration developing from this project that will lead to new scientific questions, methods and discoveries. Implementation methods will be made freely available and course materials will be developed for use at both Insper and Illinois.