Animal research

Animal Research Benefits Society — Denise Beckfield | Letters to the Editor

I would like to weigh in on the enormous value of animal research, which has been ignored by the proposal to ban facilities in Madison that breed animals for research.

Thanks to animal research, we have vaccines against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, smallpox, tetanus and measles, which have saved countless lives and immense suffering. Most readers were probably born after polio vaccines became available. But my husband and I went to school with older students whose disabilities were a horrific reminder of the importance of the polio vaccine.

The research on Parkinson’s disease, which led to the development of effective drugs for the disease and a Nobel Prize, was conducted on animals. We have life-saving insulin, thanks to animal research. Finally, thanks to the results of animal research, I took a drug that stopped my brain tumor from growing for over 24 years, sparing me the need for additional surgeries and sparing our sons anxiety. considerable.

And while private companies can breed animals used for research, in most cases research is conducted at universities that have protocols to ensure animals are treated humanely and research is conducted to high standards. strict ethics.

Denise Beckfield, San Diego, CA.