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Ajman University Research Day showcases innovative research projects – News

Published: Tue, Jun 7, 2022 5:33 PM

As part of its objective to encourage and support students in the field of scientific research, Ajman University (AU) hosted the 5th Annual AU Student Research Day Online on June 8 in the presence of Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor; Dr. Abdulhaq Al-Nuaimi, Vice Chancellor for Communications and Community Affairs; Dr. Khaled Assaleh, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Dr. Kamran Arshad, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, as well as Deans of the nine colleges.

The event showcased the diverse multidisciplinary research being carried out at AU throughout the 2022-23 academic year and gave student researchers the opportunity to present their original work to the jury and their peers. A total of 76 undergraduate and graduate award winners from the faculties of law, dentistry and mass communication were announced for 28 innovative research projects, which highlighted interesting topics that follow the latest developments in different areas.

One of the winning projects focused on the interior design of community service centers and the importance of determining the functions and practicality of space. Students in the college of engineering and computer science researched various topics, such as the use of advanced technologies for online learning and for medical purposes. On the other hand, students from the Faculty of Law conducted a comparative study on bank interest rates in terms of legal prohibition and practical implementation.

Pharmacy students assessed the perceptions of students enrolled in health-related programs at different universities in the United Arab Emirates on genetic drugs. Students from the Mass Communication College presented on various topics, including the use of advertising in mobile games, graphic design and the job market, the impact of Korean group BTS on Arab youth and women’s experiences in senior management positions in the United Arab Emirates. Students from the college of business administration presented several research projects, including the impact of motivation on the performance of employees in the private sector.

Winning research projects align with the university’s core values ​​of excellence, integrity, inclusiveness, social responsibility and innovation. AU aims to promote a culture of research and encourage students to make a positive change in their community by finding solutions to contemporary challenges.