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15 research projects received over $2.4 million in SSHRC grants – Daily News

Fifteen McMaster researchers have received more than $2.4 million from the Funding Council (SSHRC).

Fourteen researchers from multiple faculties received Insight Grants and one researcher received a Partnership Development Grant. Their research projects encompass a wide range of topics, including the influence of tech companies on public policy and services, the self-care practices of post-secondary students, the origins and prevention of racial bias, and the ways in which we detect and combat cybercrime threats. .

The funding was announced by the Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

“Now more than ever, social science and humanities research plays a vital role as we navigate the post-COVID-19 reality and continue to build a healthier, stronger and more prosperous Canada,” said Champagne. .

“These grants allow scholars to tackle complex questions about communities and societies and deepen our collective understanding so that we can build a better future for all Canadians.

Karen Mossman, vice-president of research at McMaster, says SSHRC grants are a key source of support for researchers at the university.

“Congratulations to the recipients of these awards for this well-deserved support. SSHRC’s ongoing investments ensure that our research communities have the resources they need to conduct projects that address societal challenges and improve our understanding of the world around us.

Insight Grant

Insight grants support both emerging and established scholars as they conduct research that addresses complex issues affecting individuals and societies, informing the search for solutions to societal challenges.

DeGroote Business School

Yun Zhou, Operations Management
Project title: Social implications of short-term rental platforms between individuals on society

Ken Li, Accounting and Financial Management
Project Title: Value Relevance: A Large Sample Content Analysis of Analyst Reports and Corporate Documents

Milena Chief, Information Systems
Project Title: Helping Older People Better Cope with Information Technology Threats

Kai Huang, Operations Management
Project title: Improving social sustainability in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Kevin Veenstra, Accounting and Financial Management
Project Title: The Emerging Importance of Individual Honesty on Corporate Honesty and Creativity

Faculty of Health Sciences

Magdalena Janus, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences
Project title: Are investments in poverty reduction and early learning policies associated with better early childhood outcomes in Canada?

Faculty of Humanities

Sara Bannerman, Communication and Multimedia Studies
Project title: Digital Governance in Canada: Policies, Actors and Struggles for Influence

Faculty of Sciences

Sukhvinder Obhi, Psychology, Neurosciences and Behavior
Project Title: Power and Diversity: How Power, Context, and Social Identity Affect Social Cognition and Behavior

Naiqi Xiao, Psychology, Neurosciences and Behavior
Project Title: The Origins and Early Development of Racial Prejudice

Faculty of Social Sciences

Ana Duggan, Anthropology
Project title: In crypts and cabinets: bringing together ancient DNA and the history of medicine to re-examine the emergence of smallpox and the advent of vaccination

James Gillet, Health, aging and society
Project Title: Portraits of Care: A Qualitative Approach to Studying Postsecondary Student Well-Being

Alok Johri, Economy
Project Title: An Exploration of Different Average Levels of Interest Rates on the National Debt

Bettina Brueggemann, Economics
Project Title: Secondary Markets for Entrepreneurial Firms: Evidence and Theory

Maxim Ivanov, Economics
Project title: Welfare implications of uninformed pricing

Partnership Development Grant

Partnership Development Grants help researchers build partnerships with new and existing partners to foster innovative research, training, and the co-creation of new knowledge on critical issues of intellectual, social, economic, and cultural significance.

Kelsey Harvey, Macpherson Institute, Interdisciplinary Sciences

Project Title: Applying a 4M Framework to Interprofessional Education: Connecting the Academy to Local, Global and Indigenous Communities

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A complete list of rewards can be viewed on the SSHRC website.