Puerto Rico | Luquillo NSF-LTER

Lead PIs Jess Zimmerman (University of Puerto Rico) & Grizelle Gonzales (USDA Forest Service, IITF, Puerto Rico)
Investigators F. Ballantyne, A. Covich, T. Crowl, T. Heartsill, W. McDowell, T. Mote, C. Pringle, A. Ramirez, W. Silver, M. Uriarte, R. Waide, M. Willig, and others
Graduate Students (UGA) Jonathan Benstead (PhD), Jessica Chappel (current PhD student), Kelly Crook (MS), Effie Greathouse (PhD), James March (PhD), Katherine Smith (PhD), Pedro Torres (current PhD student)
Field Researchers  (UGA):          Amber Falkner (BS); Kelsey Morton (BS)



Luquillo Project Website

Understanding Change in Ecosystems of Northeast Puerto Rico

The Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Project is focused on understanding factors driving long-term ecological change in montane forest ecosystems of the El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico. We have been working in El Yunque since 1989 and our lab’s contributions include the following:

(a) quantifying effects of native faunal assemblages (fishes and shrimps) on stream ecosystem properties and processes

(b) studies of shrimp migration and genetics

(c) long-term measurements of algal standing crop at the stream reach scale

(d) developing water budgets for El Yunque National Forest

(e) assessing losses in stream connectivity in response to increased water withdrawals

(f) quantifying effects of dams on stream communities and ecosystem processes



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