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BenthoTorch Arrival
March 06, 2017 : We are happy to announce that our lab has finally received the highly anticipated BenthoTorch! This new piece of in situ sampling equipment will greatly reduce the time it takes to collect and analyze chlorophyll in many on going projects in North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.   
ICON Agile Scientist Award
February 16, 2017 :
Congratulations to Jessica Chappell on being awarded the ICON Agile Scientist Award by the University of Georgia’s ICON PhD Program! Jessica has been recognized as an ICON graduate student that has actively engaged beyond academia to help better understand critical socio-economical problems facing the world today. This award focuses on individuals who are able to bridge academic and conservation contexts into the community, schools, media, as well as NGOs. 

CURO Research Assistantship
August 23, 2016 : Congratulations to three of our undergraduates: Desirae Dickerson, Reed Peloquin, and Ashley Wilson for receiving CURO Research Assistantships. Receiving this opportunity allows undergraduate researchers to present their own projects to the academic community as well as highlight excellence in undergraduate research.

Desirae Dickerson: The effect of litter leachate from fresh riparian Rhododendron leaves on microbial respiration in headwater streams in the southern Appalachians

Reed Peloquin: Effects of changing leaf litter inputs as the result of removal of dominate riparian shrub on growth rates and emergence of aquatic macroinvertebrates

Ashley Wilson: Artificial oyster reefs in Georgia estuaries: Measuring the effect of reef age and environmental seston level on the capacity of oysters to improve water quality

Farewell to David Stoker
August 05, 2016 : We celebrated David’s graduation in Athens at Cali n Tito’s.  David remains close to the lab working on research and pursuing graduate opportunities. All to best to David! IMG_3610
Pringle Lab at the Graduate Student Symposium
January 28, 2016 : Undergraduates Sarah Clement and David Stoker present posters on their respective research projects at the Odum School of Ecology Graduate Student Symposium. Graduate student Jessica Chappell also presented a lightning talk, and the keynote address was given by Doug Parsons, a Pringle Lab alumnus.


Last Day in Athens for Rebeca de Jesus-Crespo
December 10, 2015 : We celebrated Rebeca’s last day in Athens with a trip to Cali n Tito’s. Rebeca has moved to Pensacola, FL to start her post-doc at the Environmental Protection Agency. All the best Rebeca! lab-cali_n_titos
Troy Simon defends dissertation
May 07, 2015 : Congratulations to Troy Simon for successfully defending his dissertation, “Direct and indirect effects of the guppy, Poecilia reticulata, on the structure and function of stream ecosystems in the Northern Range Mountains of Trinidad.”
Carissa Ganong defends dissertation
April 13, 2015 : Congratulations to Carissa Ganong for successfully defending her dissertation, “Effects of Precipitation Regime on Neotropical Streams: Biogeochemical Drivers of Stream Physicochemistry and Macroinvertebrate Tolerance to pH Shifts.”

Rebeca de Jesus-Crespo defends dissertation
April 03, 2015 : Congratulations to Rebeca de Jesus-Crespo for successfully defending her dissertation, “Stream Friendly Coffee: Collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance to Advance Stream Conservation in Tropical Agroforestry Systems.”

Focus on Faculty
February 24, 2015 : Dr. Pringle has been featured on the university of Georgia’s Focus on Faculty.
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David Stoker receives CURO Undergraduate Research Assistantship
November 17, 2014 : David Stoker receives the CURO Undergraduate Research Assistantship for the Odum School of Ecology. This competitive assistantship is given to support undergraduate research with a $1,000 stipend, and the opportunity to give a presentation on his research in spring 2015.
Tom Barnum defends his dissertation
September 19, 2014 : Congratulations to Tom Barnum for successfully defending his dissertation, “Effects of Amphibian Declines on Trophic Interactions in Algal-Insect Neotropical Stream Communities.” He is now starting his post-doctoral position at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland.
2014 Award of Excellence from the Association for Tropical Biology for paper in BioTropica
July 29, 2014 : 2014 Award of Excellence from the Association for Tropical Biology for the paper “Importance of Terrestrial Arthropods as Subsidies in Lowland Neotropical Rain Forest Stream Ecosystems” in the  journal, Biotropica by Chip Small, Pedro J. Torres, Lauren Schweizer, John Duff, and Catherine Pringle. PDF
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Undergraduate researcher Kelly Murray graduated with honors with B.S. Ecology and B.S.E.S Entomology
May 09, 2014 : Undergraduate researcher Kelly Murray graduated with honors with B.S. Ecology and B.S.E.S Entomology. Her thesis was “Biotic interactions alter top-down pressure on a leaf-shredding caddisfly, Phylloicus hansoni (Trichoptera: Calamoceratidae), in Trinidadian streams” She is currently preparing a manuscript for publication. PDF
Rebeca de Jesus-Crespo receives Ford Foundation Fellowship
March 28, 2014