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Customer appreciation

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To protect you from financial worries, we have developed three credit protectors that you can take out in combination with your consumer credit: term life insurance , disability insurance and unemployment insurance .

These insurances take over the monthly payment obligation of the personal loan, revolving credit or hybrid credit in the event of unexpected disability and unemployment. With a term life insurance you prevent your surviving dependents from being left behind with debts after your death or the death of your partner. The insured amount is released in the event of death.

Borrowing with a credit protector is borrowing without worries . Our credit advisors are happy to advise you on taking out the most suitable and responsible loan protected with a credit protector.

Good (purchase) insured

We ensure that you are optimally insured against one of the lowest premiums.

One and the same party

All your insurance under the same specialized party.

Net premium, no commission

You only pay a net premium to the insurer. You do not pay any commission.

Our partners


TAF acts as an authorized agent for Quantum Leben and ACE. TAF has been our cooperation partner since the foundation of the English Credit Collective. TAF stands for transparency and comprehensible products. It was one of the first market parties to offer insurance without a continuous commission, so for you as a consumer a net premium without snags!

TAF's death insurance has already achieved the five-star rating of MoneyView several times in the past. This has everything to do with the freedom that this insurance offers. TAF offers the death risk at the best conditions and the most competitive premium, also for the higher age group.

MoneyView best constant orv price 2020

Credit life

Credit Life International Schade and Credit Life AG ​​are German insurance companies specializing in payment protectors and term life insurance. The companies operate under the name Credit Life International. The Pringlelab Credit Collection carries out the special credit protection insurance policies of Credit Life exclusively for the English market, which can be taken out directly via PLO or its labels when you apply for a credit. Of course you take out your policy against the best conditions and the lowest possible premium, and this without an extensive medical statement!

Advantages of credit protectors

  • Best net premium
  • Risk of death to be insured separately
  • Incapacity for work policy to be supplemented with unemployment cover
  • No comprehensive medical statement
  • Handling at the same time as your credit application
  • Monthly terminable

Calculate your premium to insure yourself against risks

Taking out a loan: with or without a credit protector

You take out a loan with us with or without a corresponding credit protector. The choice is yours. Our credit specialists can advise you without obligation about the benefits of a credit protector for your loan. They will work with you to determine which loan suits you best and thanks to the insurance you can borrow without worries.

It is not possible to take out a separate credit protector. Do you have a current loan with another party but do you want optimal security with your loan? Then we transfer the loan and at that time we can take out a credit protector for your loan. That gives a secure feeling and your loan and insurance together with one party! That provides an overview.

Thanks to a credit protector, you can be sure that you can continue to meet the monthly payment obligations of your personal loan, revolving credit or hybrid credit in the event of unexpected dire circumstances.

The premium you pay for the credit protector is a net premium that you pay directly to the insurer. You do not pay any commission for this.

Calculate your premium to insure yourself against risks

With the help of our calculation tool you can calculate online what premium you will pay for the credit protector of your choice. Of course you can opt for one, two or three credit protectors so that you are optimally insured.

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  • Product form: Personal loan
  • Amount: $ 25,000
  • Term of insurance: 120 months
  • Life insurance: Yes
  • Disability insurance: Yes
  • Unemployment insurance: No.

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Date: Tuesday January 12

“A very pleasant experience with Pringlelab Credit Collection. They ask you for a shout, but then all the data is ultimately correct. Only when they are satisfied do they forward the application. This gives confidence. Furthermore, communication is fast and pleasant. ”

Mrs. Van Apeldoorn

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On trustpilot.com we score a 4.8 out of 5

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The information in the overviews on our website is an indication. We use the lowest interest rate for this. The final rate depends on your personal situation. The total costs of the loan depend on the interest, the loan amount, term and the monthly installment. The annual percentage rate reflects the actual cost price (interest) of the product. The minimum term of a Personal Loan is 12 months, the maximum term is 120 months. The minimum interest is 3.5%, the maximum legal interest is 14%.

eg. The total price of a $ 50,000 Personal Loan is $ 59,177 based on a 120-month term with a monthly term of $ 493.14 and an interest rate of 3.5%.