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Investing in home insulation, the benefits

With the current sky-high house prices, more and more people are choosing to renovate their home and make it more sustainable instead of moving. Making your home more sustainable by investing in home insulation is becoming increasingly popular. Certainly with a view to making homes natural gas-free. Read more about the types of home insulation and the benefits of insulation in this blog.

How can you insulate your home?

Homeowners today are wondering how to improve their home. In terms of durability and comfort. Home insulation has advantages in both areas. Before we explain this, we first examine many ways to insulate a home.

  • (Cavity) wall insulation

When walls in a home are not insulated, you quickly lose about 20% of the heat in the house. An expert in the field of wall insulation knows what works best for your home: insulating the inner wall, the outer wall and / or cavity wall insulation. The cavity is the space between an exterior and interior wall and prevents moisture from entering your home.

Cavity wall insulation in a terraced house costs an average of € 750. But you save € 210 and 320 cubic meters of gas per year. So you earn back that investment pretty quickly. Façade insulation can also be attractive, provided your house is suitable for this.

  • Roof insulation

Insulating a roof can be done on the inside and outside. You do not need a specific roof to be able to insulate. Attic insulation is also possible. Handy when you do not want the heat in the house to rise to a floor that you do not use as a living space.

According to the Milieu Centraal information organization, roof insulation saves between € 450 (sloping roof, unheated attic) and € 800 (sloping roof, heated attic) on the annual energy bill. If you insulate the attic floor, you will save about € 450 on an annual basis.

  • Floor insulation

Insulating the floor is a job you will never regret - warm feet almost immediately and it saves on your energy bill. The costs of floor insulation depend on the insulation method, the material and the insulation value.

According to the Milieu Centraal information organization, floor insulation saves between € 170 (terraced house) and € 330 (detached house) on the annual energy bill. However, floor insulation is often only necessary for houses that are very old and do not yet have it. Do you also have a crawl space? Then it can be valuable to insulate the crawl space.

  • Insulating windows

Do you have an older house with single glazing? Then it is time to replace this glass with double glass. There are various types such as HR ++ glass, which insulate much better.

The benefits of home insulation

There are plenty of reasons to insulate your home, but the main one is that it is good for the environment and your wallet. Thanks to home insulation, you ensure that the heat in your home does not escape. The result: less heating, which means you are working sustainably and you save on your energy bill. A long-term side effect is that home insulation increases the value of your home. It improves the energy label and you will see that in the sale.

Also not unimportant: you live more comfortably in a well-insulated house. Insulating a cavity wall, the roof, the floors or any form of house insulation, keeps it nice and warm inside. By insulating you are literally warm. And you will earn back the investment you have made within a reasonable period of time.

Benefits of home insulation at a glance

  • Home insulation is good for the environment and your wallet
  • By insulating your house, you ensure a higher home value. Your energy label improves and thus the appraisal value
  • You quickly earn back the investment
  • You live more comfortably in a well-insulated house.

Financing home insulation

You can only enjoy the benefits of home insulation after making the investment. That requires a budget. If you don't have this, there are options to still be able to afford insulation. Of course in a responsible manner.

For example, a mortgage increase is an option, but you might be better off taking out a personal loan . A mortgage increase entails quite a few costs.

If you decide to take out a loan , we would like to emphasize that the Pringlelab Credit Collection uses low interest rates and compares several loans with each other. A loan through a major bank is almost always more expensive.

Benefits of a personal loan

  • Shorter term than a second mortgage
  • Tax-deductible
  • Interest and term are fixed in advance
  • No additional administrative costs such as notary fees, appraisal costs, etc.

It is important that you calculate in advance how much you can borrow so that you know how much you can borrow responsibly. Also take a good look at the subsidy options: if you have two or more insulating measures carried out, financial arrangements are often possible.

Author: Winston Auman

Allround Credit Specialist / Director

Specialism: online marketing, compliance


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