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Borrowing carefree

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Lowest interest

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Customer appreciation

a 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot.nl

Borrow money from Pringlelab Credit Collection

  • Lowest interest rate in the Netherlands from 3.5%
  • Extra repayments without penalty
  • Can be closed directly online
  • A quote within 24 hours
  • Possibility of insuring monthly payments
  • We compare several providers for the best offer

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Personal loan


  • A fixed term between 12 and 120 months
  • A fixed interest for the entire term
  • Pay off a fixed amount per month
  • Borrow an amount once
  • Always pay extra without penalty
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Revolving credit


  • Repay and also withdraw
  • Variable interest and term
  • Pay interest only on the amount withdrawn
  • Always pay extra without penalty
  • Also possible as a renovation depot
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You can take out financing to make a home more sustainable, but what should you take into account?

  • Making a house more sustainable requires professional knowledge, so it is necessary to work with professionals. This way you ensure that you can take full advantage of the borrowed money and that you create a house full of living comfort for yourself (and your family).
  • Borrowing money for a sustainable renovation affects your finances. Insight into your own financial situation is therefore a requirement if you wish to use a resource.
  • The term of a loan determines how long it can take you to repay the borrowed money to the lender. Have you earned back your solar panels in 7 years? Then it is nice if you no longer have to pay any costs for the loan after that time and can start enjoying your sustainable renovation. Adjust the term to the sustainable measure you place.
  • When making a home more sustainable, there are more loan options, such as a green loan, the GreenLoans loan . The interest and conditions of all loans and lenders are different, which makes selecting a good sustainability loan a daunting task. Comparing is therefore necessary.

The Pringlelab Credit Collection is an independent party. As a result, we have close ties with various lenders. The choice is huge with the Pringlelab Credit Collection. We are convinced that comparing is extremely important. You cannot buy a new dining table without having seen and compared several copies.

This is also the case when taking out a loan. At the Pringlelab Credit Collection we offer you several loan types and providers, so that together we can choose a loan that suits your financial situation and wishes. But it does not stop there, there are still a few reasons to choose the English Credit Collective:

  • Low interest rate guarantee
  • Best conditions
  • Repay penalty free
  • Borrow money safely
  • Borrow money responsibly
  • Borrow money online only

Applying for a loan from the English Credit Collective is done via the online only principle. We don't have offices, because we don't think that's necessary. With this we reduce costs for ourselves and therefore for our customers. You receive expert online advice via a secure online portal, without having to compromise on commitment and expertise. First calculate carefully how much you can borrow in order not to be faced with surprises. Applying for a loan to make a home more sustainable is done as follows:

The first steps to borrowing money for a sustainable renovation is the online application. This means no handful of papers, but simply submitting an application with the push of a button. Each application is reviewed by an expert advisor, so that you can be sure of making a smart, financial choice. After considering all your wishes and options, you will receive a quote from us. This quotation is tailored to your financial wish.

All you have to do is provide us with documentation. In a personal environment you deliver the necessary documents and we get to work with them. In your own environment you check the status in the meantime and you always have the correct information at your disposal. Have the request, quotation and documents been approved? Now you have to wait for the money, which will be deposited into your account within two working days.

What do customers say about our services?

Date: Tuesday January 12

“A very pleasant experience with Pringlelab Credit Collection. They ask you for a shout, but then all the data is ultimately correct. Only when they are satisfied do they forward the application. This gives confidence. Furthermore, communication is fast and pleasant. ”

Mrs. Van Apeldoorn

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On trustpilot.com we score a 4.8 out of 5

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The information in the overviews on our website is an indication. We use the lowest interest rate for this. The final rate depends on your personal situation. The total costs of the loan depend on the interest, the loan amount, term and the monthly installment. The annual percentage rate reflects the actual cost price (interest) of the product. The minimum term of a Personal Loan is 12 months, the maximum term is 120 months. The minimum interest is 3.5%, the maximum legal interest is 14%.

eg. The total price of a $ 50,000 Personal Loan is $ 59,177 based on a 120-month term with a monthly term of $ 493.14 and an interest rate of 3.5%.