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Lowest interest

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Customer appreciation

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  • Lowest interest rate in the Netherlands from 3.5%
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Personal loan


  • A fixed term between 12 and 120 months
  • A fixed interest for the entire term
  • Pay off a fixed amount per month
  • Borrow an amount once
  • Always pay extra without penalty
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Revolving credit


  • Repay and also withdraw
  • Variable interest and term
  • Pay interest only on the amount withdrawn
  • Always pay extra without penalty
  • Also possible as a renovation depot
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If you are not an expert in the field of heat pumps and borrow money, but it seems to be getting closer to taking out financing for this purpose, then these advice will come in handy:

  • One heat pump is not the other heat pump. If you are looking for a heat pump for your home, you will come across various models. From an electric heat pump that works entirely on electricity to a hybrid heat pump that works partly on energy and partly on natural gas. For what purpose do you purchase a heat pump? The answer to this determines which heat pump is suitable.
  • Are you going to borrow money for the purchase of a heat pump? Then take a good look at the amount you need. With the Pringlelab Credit Collection, it is possible to take out a loan from € 5,000 . This can only be for the heat pump, but if it turns out to be cheaper, it is advisable to see if you can co-finance even more sustainable solutions, including installation pots, via this route.
  • Housing sustainability is stimulated by the government through subsidies. Before making big, financial decisions, it's wise to check if you can take advantage of them. Whether you are entitled to a subsidy when installing a heat pump and other energy-efficient facilities depends on the conditions set.
  • The term of a loan affects how long a loan continues to run. With a longer term, you have longer to repay the entire loan. In certain cases that is fine, but it is still best to assume the following: choose a shorter term if that is financially feasible, so that you can get rid of the extra costs of the loan more quickly.

Money makes the world go round. That is the motivation to borrow money for things for which you have no savings yourself. You need money to be able to buy a heat pump or other wish. At the same time, this is also why it is so important that you make informed financial choices so that you do not get into trouble. At the Pringlelab Credit Collection we therefore stand for responsible lending .

Responsible borrowing is that you take out a loan that suits your financial resources and your wishes. The choice of the type of loan, the level of the interest, the conditions of the provider and the loan purpose are aspects that are always included in the loan process. That is why it is also important that you calculate in advance how much money you can borrow .

In addition, there are borrowing standards , which have recently been tightened, from the government, which we comply with at all times. The income of a person is carefully considered before a financing can be taken out.

In addition, we are also simply very involved with our customers. We want to provide them with the best loan. This includes the lowest interest guarantee, the best conditions, being allowed to make repayments without penalty and supporting a bunch of bright minds in the field of financing.

Take out a loan step by step - for a heat pump, among other things - with the Pringlelab Credit Collection as follows:

  1. Submit a loan application. This can easily be done via the website.
  2. Receive your customized quote from the credit specialist immediately, free of charge and without obligation.
  3. Deliver personal documents in a protected online environment.
  4. Receive the money in your account within two working days.

What do customers say about our services?

Date: Tuesday January 12

“A very pleasant experience with Pringlelab Credit Collection. They ask you for a shout, but then all the data is ultimately correct. Only when they are satisfied do they forward the application. This gives confidence. Furthermore, communication is fast and pleasant. ”

Mrs. Van Apeldoorn

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On trustpilot.com we score a 4.8 out of 5

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The information in the overviews on our website is an indication. We use the lowest interest rate for this. The final rate depends on your personal situation. The total costs of the loan depend on the interest, the loan amount, term and the monthly installment. The annual percentage rate reflects the actual cost price (interest) of the product. The minimum term of a Personal Loan is 12 months, the maximum term is 120 months. The minimum interest is 3.5%, the maximum legal interest is 14%.

eg. The total price of a $ 50,000 Personal Loan is $ 59,177 based on a 120-month term with a monthly term of $ 493.14 and an interest rate of 3.5%.