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Popular loan goals

The purpose for which you take out a loan partly determines the type of loan you want to take out. On this page you can read more about common loan goals. If you click on read more, you will see a detailed description of the relevant loan purpose and an overview of the loan types that are often chosen for the relevant loan purpose.

Financing car

Doing an errand, driving to work, a day out with the family: in many cases a car is not an unnecessary luxury. Yet it is ...

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Borrow for camper or caravan

On holiday with your own camper or (mobile) caravan. Or maybe you prefer to relax in your own holiday home. Whether you opt for a ...

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Financing the engine

Do you want to buy a motorcycle but do you have insufficient savings to finance your motorcycle? Then take out a ...

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Financing the bathroom

Is your bathroom in need of a makeover? But do you have insufficient resources? Then a loan for your bathroom is a good solution ....

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Financing the kitchen

A new kitchen means more living comfort and your home will increase in value. But before the kitchen is ready, you first need to finance ...

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Financing renovation

You can choose to take out a (second) mortgage. In many cases, the interest will be slightly lower than the interest for a ...

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Other loan purposes:

Autumn break

Are you planning to travel this autumn vacation? But are you short of money to pay for the trip? Then borrowing money for your holiday is a good option. With these tips we help you on your way to borrow money in a responsible manner. What is the best loan for a vacation? YOU...

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Financing a boat

Buying a boat means a big expense. Often the purchase value is even more than an average car. If you don't have enough resources to finance the boat all at once, but still want to enjoy using the boat, it means you want money ...

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Payment of debts

By paying off debts we mean paying off current loans and credits. You cannot repay debts in the form of payment arrears with authorities by borrowing money. If you are in arrears, you will not receive a loan. This is also the case if you have a negative ...

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Residual debt after selling the house

Unfortunately, it is increasingly common that when selling a home, the proceeds are not sufficient to repay the entire mortgage debt. You will then be left with a residual debt. In most cases, the bank that provided your mortgage loan offers no or a ...

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Financing window frames

Improve your home improve with new plastic frames: low maintenance, insulating, better protection against burglary and cheaper than wooden and aluminum frames. New frames, which have a minimum lifespan of 50 years, will increase the value of your home ....

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Financing the dormer

You can create extra space in your home by installing a dormer window. In addition to more space, a dormer window also means an increase in value for your owner-occupied home. How are you going to finance the dormer? Do you have savings or do you take out a loan to cover the costs of the dormer ...

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Finance chalet

Becoming owner of a chalet. The chalet can be used as a recreation or holiday home, but also as an investment. If you have sufficient resources of your own, you can finance the chalet yourself and you do not need to take out a loan or increase your current mortgage. Would you...

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Financing construction and / or extension

An extension or extension to your house gives the house extra space. If you have this renovation carried out at the same time at a new-build house, you can co-finance this with your mortgage. In some situations, for example if you purchase your home under NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee) ...

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Financing the costs of the buyer

A new-build house is almost always sold freely by name (VON or von), with existing construction the buyer costs (KK) are charged to you. These costs include all costs related to the purchase and financing of your home. These costs can be high ...

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Financing the basement

A basement is an economical solution to create more space in a home. You can use a basement as a living space, storage space, gym, wine cellar and more. For example, if you are going to add an extension to your house, it is possible to place a basement ...

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Borrow money for garden

Do you also want to enjoy a beautifully landscaped garden this summer? But don't you have money for it right away? Then borrowing money to lay out your garden is a good option. Read our tips on what to pay attention to when taking out a loan for your garden. Loan for your garden ...

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Vacation Rental

Buying your own holiday home: it is a long-cherished dream for more and more English people. Spain, France, Italy or nice and close to home here in the Netherlands, for many people it is a nice idea to have their own holiday home somewhere in a favorite place to ...

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Second home

A second home on one of the Wadden Islands, a house in Spain or a house for one of your studying children: there are several reasons why you want to invest your savings in a second home. A smart idea, especially now that your savings yield almost no return. It is...

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Furnishing your home

There is nothing better than coming home. That is, if you feel comfortable in your home. Is this not the case? Then a personal loan can change that. Borrowing money for Home furnishing is a way to achieve that nice playroom or nice workplace ....

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Borrow money for study

A study is an investment in the future, but now requires the necessary flexibility of your wallet. Think of tuition fees, study books, renting a room and insurance. Fortunately, there are handy tools - such as a loan - that make it possible to ...

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Solar panels

When you walk through the neighborhood, you see them more and more: solar panels. That is not just like that. Solar panels on the roof of your home make it possible to lower your energy bill, saving you a nice amount every year. However, purchasing solar panels costs money and you can ...

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Electric bike

Cycling as if you have the wind in your back, doesn't that sound like music to your ears? The bicycle is one of the best-known means of transport in the Netherlands, but the popularity of the electric bicycle is also increasing. An e-bike takes you everywhere at rapt pace. But how do you finance that ...

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Financing heat pump

How we generate heat at home has consequences for the environment and for the amount of our energy bill. There are sustainable measures that have a positive effect on both. The heat pump is one of them. With a heat pump, the budget you have reserved for ...

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Financing sustainable housing

Homeowners with a sustainable home save a considerable amount every year through smart home adjustments. Is the sustainable renovation of your owner-occupied home also planned? Then you have probably already discovered that there are several financing options. In addition to depositing savings ...

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